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04.12.2022 15:01
Servers are back online
Ootje Nack:
29.11.2022 22:09
pls restart the uaseco!!!!!
08.04.2022 20:58
If no other Server is visible in Game you know yourself ... Sometimes its good to use your Brain
Ootje Nack:
03.04.2022 20:29
You asked me to write is here when something is wrong and not in Discord. So I do. And I dont know when it is a SFD problem or not.
03.04.2022 20:12
I am starting to get tired, Otje. Nadeo has own problems, this has nothing to do with our servers. As you can see the whole Serverlist is empty.
Ootje Nack:
03.04.2022 17:25
Wieder keine serverlist in canyon
26.03.2022 10:39 sts/index/topicid/50
Ootje Nack:
25.03.2022 21:40
When you wants to know more, go and race.
Ootje Nack:
25.03.2022 21:40
Chris wants to know which server and games the road signs are not giving the right way. It is both of the canyon server on all the tracks. 99% of the U turn signs are false. The arrows about 75 %.
Ootje Nack:
24.03.2022 17:33
They are back again.
Ootje Nack:
24.03.2022 14:38
Now the whole serverlist is gone.
Ootje Nack:
23.03.2022 10:58
SFD ist wieder nicht da auf der serverlist.
08.03.2022 19:29
Alles Gute zum Burzltag lieber Roger. Melde dich mal wieder!
Ootje Nack:
04.03.2022 17:41
I better called it the serverlist. Sorry. For now, the records are gone. Ootje
02.03.2022 20:42
what is the player list??? I checked just both canyon and all is running
Ootje Nack:
01.03.2022 22:11
The playerlist is gone on the canyon servers. And that's no wrong information.
Ootje Nack:
17.02.2022 15:09
Both of the servers were down at the moment I posted it!! I'll never post wrong info's. I'm not a lunatic.
02.02.2022 20:19
None of the Servers are down, dont post wrong infos here
Ootje Nack:
31.01.2022 21:32
Valley server down too. SFD down??
Ootje Nack:
31.01.2022 21:31
Canyon servers down! The whole canyon down???
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