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Forum » English Boards » The Servers » ZOO banned?

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registriert: 01.01.1970
09.10.2009, 11:57 offline zitieren 

@JK: Nachdem Zoo vor dem Ziel stehen blieb, hast Du Ihn sofort gebant?
Hab ich das so richtig verstanden?

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registriert: 01.01.1970
09.10.2009, 13:29 offline zitieren 

When I try to connect to Speed Fun server 1, I get kicked and then it says this IP address has been banned from this server.

My german is not very good but I gather that the reason for being banned was for not finishing as I had first thought. There were three main reasons for me not finishing. 1. Someone asked. 2. I was about 20 pts clear. 3. I thought that people got more ladder points if the race went for more rounds(I am assuming again).

Do you know why you should never ASSUME?

Because you make an ASS out of U and ME.

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registriert: 01.01.1970
09.10.2009, 18:58 offline zitieren 

yeah thats the reason cuz its unfair to those who fight for not being queued...anyway ban should be over...no idea why u get this error...JK may fix that when he reads this I hope.

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registriert: 01.01.1970
09.10.2009, 19:59 offline zitieren 

Ok zoo,

you mean "Because you make an ASS out of U and ME."
is the right way? I think not!
But anyway, i have take a look in the root by xaseco tool to looking for any ban ip adress. And no ip list there. Makes no sin,
because all players where already take out of ban after one day. Now my last idear for the problem is:

Xaseco dont be start after killing anything because xaseco runs 24 Hours a day (after take the server to the root).
So i will start xaseco next morning (10.10.09) and when you have the same problem after this i dont know what a the reason for.

By the way: When you will log in and he say "Ip are ban" then you use every day the same IP ? (In Germany most of all players get
every 24 Hours a new ip and so it cant be that they will have a ip ban only a login ban).
Because only then can it be that he identify Zoo to the ip.

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registriert: 01.01.1970
10.10.2009, 12:11 offline zitieren 

I am finally able to get onto server. smiling

My IP address can last for a week or 2.

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