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registriert: 01.01.1970
26.08.2011, 21:09 offline zitieren 

This is a nice clan... Congrats all for this good job...

I have something, maybe it can help...

Since I'm playing here, many people ask me a lot of questions, like:

1. how to become a member and how to do it and how it works?
2. how to paint a car? like mine with a shadow under it?
3. why I have another car...

My 50 cents,
1. Maybe you can put a little topic on the main page with the way where the person have to go to become a member or what he must do, maybe first a post, use mine if you like to know persons better or something like that...
2. I don't know anything about painting cars, I d/l my car from carpark because I have United, but I'm sure some of you guys know how this works and maybe make a topic of it in the forums, if it already exict, my bad, but I didn't read all the posts yet here...
3. A topic on the main site with the difference of free players and United players will help a lot of young people around here to know how this works I think.

Thats just some ideas, hope you can do something with it...

-=The Saint=-

Also I helped 1 person to become a member, I told him to register and to make a post, he didn't do it and ask me why he's not a member yet, so I think my idea at number 1 isn't that bad

Also I helped a person and he is on trial now, but I already explained him 10 times to open his e-mail to check his tags, because he's in the trial members and he still doesn't know how to open his mail... I asked how old he was? He's 9 years old :-) and good driver...

I do want to help all people, thats what I do as Admin also on -=Masters Clan=-, hope you don't mind but I think all that chat is disturbing other players in the game sometimes

Just my 50 cents,

friendly greetings,

-=The Saint=- aka -=MC=-Master

Chris75 Clanmitglied
1060 Beiträge
registriert: 05.05.2010
27.08.2011, 10:04 offline zitieren 

1. i think if a person who is too stupid to klick on our HP-SFD-Mitglied werden (SFD-become Member) we dont need them ...
2.+3. There are soo many FAQ, Tutorials, etc. around the Web for TM so everyone can search by himself

25 Beiträge
registriert: 01.01.1970
27.08.2011, 11:09 offline zitieren 

Lol, There goes my 50 cents...

Thanks 4 responding though...

Good day and have fun :-)

-=The Saint=-

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