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Forum » English Boards » Off Topic » Kiskaa reporting for speed fulled duty !

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10.07.2011, 19:25 offline zitieren 

Hey guys,

Sorry for the late post after being accepted as trial to SFD
Thanks for the invite, it means alot to be able to be called an SFD member having played with some of your fellow members, which are friendly and real good people.

I discovered the SFD server with a friend of mine the other day, also accepted into the Clan ( Fyurie ), although I have to admit, at first I wasnt keen on the Fun server I was playing on ( I was tried and sucking badly ) but played again the day after, and i'm hooked ! Im really loving Noey`s tracks !

Made a couple of friends already, and already laid in some nice track record times, which im really proud of.
Been playing for about 3 - 4 weeks now, and I'm loving the game, also had a dabble in track making, and also custom cars & skins, it truly is an awsome game.

I`ll be chillin on mumble a little more over the next few days, and will try to get to know a few other members, and play on a couple of the other servers also. Unfortunately I dont speak German which seems to be your primary language, but I'm sure we`ll have fun anyway !

I look forward to being more active within your community and racing with guys some more,


p.s. I must get myself a pad, my keyboard is just too sensitive !!

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registriert: 01.01.1970
11.07.2011, 09:20 offline zitieren 

Thank you for the image.

The fun is the most important one, then the rest already becomes

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